2021 fair opening.JPG

A crowd gathered Wednesday morning for the Sandwich Fair Opening Ceremony. (WSPYnews.com photo by Chris Schwemlein) 

Sandwich Fair attendance over the weekend is estimated at approximately 88,344, according to the Sandwich Fair Office. That's down from 2019 where the attendance on Saturday and Sunday was estimated at 94,317.

With the exception of Saturday, each day of the 2021 fair had higher estimated attendance than the 2019 fair. Saturday at this year's fair had an estimated attendance of 53,698 compared to an estimated 68,348 in 2019. Sunday of 2021 had an estimated 34,646 attendees. Sunday of 2019 had an estimated 25,969 fair goers.

Total fair attendance for its full five day run had an estimated 158,890 attendances compared to 2019's estimated 161,222 attendees. There was no 2020 Sandwich Fair due to the COVID-19 pandemic.