Arts and crafts 2021 collage.jpg photos by Ethan Kruger.

Exhibitors have brought their best to the Sandwich Fair this year. Entries can be anything from baked goods to produce, to photos that are judged and displayed during the fair's five day run.

One of the categories includes arts and crafts which can be found in a building just south of the Gazebo Information Center in the center of the fairgrounds. Superintendent Pam Nelson says there were fewer entries this year, but that's not really a bad thing.

Nelson says there is a lot to see in the building.

Entrants are competing for ribbons and in some cases cash prizes.

Nelson says she's in charge of getting judges to evaluate the entries, which are further broken down in to categories.

Other exhibit halls include Home Arts, Horticulture, and Collections. Livestock showing also continues throughout the fair.