Troy Parlier

Oswego Village President Troy Parlier (WSPY photo)

In reviewing the Illinois State Board of Elections website, which is open to the public, interesting facts emerge about Oswego Village President Troy Partlier, who is almost entering his third year in office.  

Parlier has amassed just over $7,000 in his Friends for Parlier campaign fund as of December 31st last year, according to the state board of elections. On the state website, documents list a $500 payout from Parlier to current Oswego Village Trustee Brian Thomas for his past campaign. 

Recently Parlier gave his endorsement on social media to three trustee candidates in Tom Guist, Jennifer Jones-Sinnott, and Kit Kuhrt which if elected today would create a clean sweep of trustees on the Oswego Village Board in two years, all supported by Parlier.  

WSPY News asked Parlier if he is providing campaign finances from his Friends of Troy Parlier fund to the three like he did with Thomas.

In a review on the Illinois State Board of Elections website, it shows that Parlier had received $3,800 in funding for village president campaign contributions from the Naperville law firm of Ottosen, Britz, Kelly, Cooper, Gilbert, and DiNolfo. 

After being elected, Parlier selected the firm’s Karl Ottosen as village of Oswego attorney in Parlier’s first public board meeting two years ago.

In researching the Illinois State Board of Election documents further, it shows that Geneva developer Kent Shodeen, who is constructing The Reserve at Hudson Crossing in downtown Oswego, deposited $500 into The Friends of Troy Parlier fund last August. Another $500 contributor was HR Green of Aurora which has been awarded village contracts, recently a $233,800 water main design contract during the February 16th village board meeting and another $46,000 at last night’s village board meeting.

Parlier was asked about those campaign contributions.

Parlier had this comment about the financial contributions.

Finally, another campaign contribution to Parlier came from an in-kind fund-raising advertisement donation from Prohibition Junction, who Parlier worked with owner Kevin Fialko on a three-acre vacant land donation to the village for an entertainment venue off Orchard Road. That venue is located by Failko’s business.

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