Millbrook Bridge Demolition; Brian Debolt and Matt Kellogg

(Top photos):  Millbrook Bridge being demolished on August 25, 2020.  (Bottom photos): Kendall County Forest Preserve commissioners Brian DeBolt and Matt Kellogg questioned $286,000 of the $330,590 D Construction bill. (Top photos by Christian S. Landorf; bottom photos for by James Wyman)

How much should the Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission pay D Construction of Coal City for the abrupt demolition of the historic Millbrook Bridge over the Fox River on August 25, 2020?

The issue was again discussed at the forest preserve commission's Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday.

The original D Construction bid for the three-week demolition was $477,000, which the company reduced to $336,405.14.

Part of that Bill is a line item of $285,000 for removal of the bridge's super-structure, which some Kendall County Forest Preserve commissioners want itemized.

D Construction claims that the company saved the county $146,000; however part of that amount was the $65,000 for removal of the limestone piers, which the forest preserve commission decided to leave in the Fox River.

Commissioner Matt Kellogg argued that D Construction was responsible for the Millbrook Bridge coming down so abruptly.

Now D Construction is billing the forest preserve an additional $7,352.04 for masonry repair on the limestone piers that were damaged during the abrupt demolition.

Commissioner Scott Gengler was against paying D's latest bill.

Commissioner Amy Cesich worried about the clean-up of the Fox following the bridge demolition.

Hampton, Lenzini, Renwick (HLR), the engineering firm for the project, supervised the clean-up and did not bill the Kendall County Forest Preserve.  No one from HLR was on site when the bridge came down and no one from the forest preserve was present.

Forest preserve commissioner Brian DeBolt worried about the debris from the bridge floating downstream in the Fox River.

Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission President Judy Gilmour said that she and county board Chairman Scott Gryder will meet to negotiate the bill with D Construction.

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