Art collage 052122 (1).jpg photos by Mark Harrington.

They may be young, but they are serious when it comes to their artistic talent.

Meet seven-year-olds Lucinda and Lincoln and ten-year-old Charlotte, all from Parkview Christian Academy in Yorkville, winners in the Oswego Area Chamber of Commerce Hometown Art Competition.  

Art on the radio, yes it’s possible. Just close your eyes, make your own picture in your head, and listen as these youngsters take us on an art walk. 

Her rectangular painting features an ark as the ocean rises up and animals peer through portholes, Lucinda wants admirers to know who’s aboard.

Then there is Lincoln's piece, entitled “In Space.”

On a black background, Charlotte described the process of her winning painting.

The three artists have their masterpiece in a free exhibit inside the Oswego Village Hall lobby, where more than 30 works from kindergarten to 12th graders are displayed. 

Now to add color to my stick figure with my Venus of Paradise colored pencils.  Or should I create an art piece with my Spirograph?  Maybe I’ll use my Paint by Number kit. Crayons and a coloring book anyone?

You can listen to Mark Harrington's radio story by clicking below: