Fox Bluff Resort Photo

A view of the Fox River from Fox Bluff Resort. (Photo provided)

The controversial Hide-a-Way Lakes campground at 8045 Van Emmon Rd. east of Yorkville has been sold for $2.59 million to Lance Beatch of Bull Valley, Ill. 

Beatch says he has been developing RV and mobile home parks for large companies over the past decade, but that he purchased Hide-a-Way lakes with one other partner.

The Hide-a-Way Lakes sale closed on December 18, 2020, and Beatch says he has been busy since then.

Thomas Tanner was the previous owner of the campground, and he had been pressured by Kendall County officials to clean up the facility.  Hide-a-Way Lakes experiences drainage problems and residents were living there year-round, which is against the county's Special Use Permit.

Lance Beatch says he is addressing the problems at the campground.

And Beatch spoke about the range of residences at the new Fox Bluff Resort.

The quality of the campground site has also impressed Beatch.

Lance Beatch says he still needs to go through zoning with the county to upgrade the residences and put in a swimming pool.