It Balloon

(Plano Police Department photo)

Red balloons tied to sewer gates have been spotted in Plano.

Like many cities across the U.S., police departments this week have been reporting the pictures of a red balloon, usually with some sort of note referencing, "floating down there."

The reference is in connection with the horror movie and remake of Stephen King's novel, "It," which was released in theaters in most of the U.S. on Friday night.

According to a post by Plano Police to their Facebook page, they jokingly say they would like to return balloons found over the past few nights to their rightful owner.

Police said the balloons were found around the city.

They also said, "the suspect was described as being bald with some red hair on the side, dressed in a baggy silk clown suit and was last seen in the area of Klatt Park. We received a tip that the suspect may be going by the name of Pennywise who is also wanted out of Kendall County for clowning around."