Collage:  Joe West and Pam Parr

Joe West (left photo) was elected Oswego Township Supervisor on Tuesday as he defeated incumbent Bryan LeClercq by 182 votes.  In the Oswego Village Board race, incumbent Pam Parr (right) lost out by 328 votes.  Incumbent Luis Perez also lost his seat on the Oswego Village Board.  (West photo for by James Wyman; Parr photo provided).

Oswego Township will have a new supervisor in May as challenger Joe West defeated incumbent Brian LeClercq by 182 votes.

West finished with 2,504 votes with LeClercq garnering 2,322.

West spoke about his victory.

Ken Holmstrom held on to his Oswego Twp. Clerk job, defeating Michael Becker.  Holmstrom finished with 2,412 votes to Becker's 2,241.

In the Oswego Twp. Assessor race, incumbent Brian Hauser defeated Kendall County Board member Dan Koukol.  Hauser had 2,721 votes to Koukol's 1,767.

The Oswego Twp. Road Commissioner job went to Claude Ainsworth, who finished with 1,898 votes.  Thomas Cook was second with 1,587 votes, and Terry Olson finished third with 1.169 votes. Incumbent Bob Rogerson did not run.

Supervisor Elect Joe West was asked about Ainsworth's election as highway commissioner.

Two incumbents, Allyson Jacobsen and Diane Selmer, were re-elected to the Oswego Twp Board of Trustees, and one long-time incumbent, Bill Small, was defeated.

The leading vote-getter in the seven person race was Donna Sawicki with 2,273 votes.  Finishing second was Judy Bush with 2,165 votes, third went to incumbent Jacobsen with 2,075 votes, and incumbent Selmer finished fourth with 2,068 votes.  Those four candidates will be seated on the Oswego Twp. Board of Trustees.

Finishing fifth was Juan Terrazas with 2,024 votes, incumbent Small with 1,960 votes and Shane Wade with 1,777 votes.

In the Village of Oswego Trustee race, three candidates were elected and two incumbents lost.

Tom Guist finished first with 1,998 votes.  Also winning a seat on the Oswego Village Board were Jennifer Jones Sinnott with 1,870 votes and Kit Kuhrt with 1,783 votes.

Long-time board member Pam Parr finished fourth and lost her seat.  Parr had 1,455 votes and, incumbent Luis Perez also lost with 1,426 votes as did Judy Siedlecki with 1,312 votes.

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