Collage: City Attorney Jessica Harrill, Objector Gary Beins and alderman Kelleher, Killey, Robinson and Ii

Sandwich resident Gary Beins (left in top right photo) challenged the petitions of alderman Kevin Kelleher (right in top right photo) at an Electoral Board Hearing in Sandwich on Friday afternoon.  Kelleher withdrew from the race during the meeting and City Attorney Jessica Harrill (top left) drew up Kelleher's withdrawal papers.  The Electoral Board did not vote on Beins' challenge.  The board (l to r in bottom photo) consists of alderwoman Cara Killey, Mayor Rich Robinson and City Clerk Denise ii. ( photos by James Wyman)

Incumbent alderman Kevin Kelleher abruptly withdrew from the Ward 2 race in Sandwich during an Electoral Board hearing on Friday afternoon.

Kelleher's nominating petitions had been challenged by Gary Beins, who argued that Kelleher's petition did not have a circulator's signature and was not notarized.

Kelleher spoke during the meeting and blamed City Clerk Denise Ii for the mix-up.

Kelleher and his wife are relocating to either Yorkville or North Carolina in July.  His term is up in May.

City Attorney Jessica Harrill then drew up a withdrawal notice, Kelleher signed the notice and it was then notarized.

Kelleher's withdrawal leaves Rebecca Johnson as the lone candidate for the Ward 2 aldermanic seat in Sandwich.

Following Friday's meeting, Kelleher said that his problems with City Clerk Ii go back to his election in 2017.

City Clerk Ii is unopposed for City Clerk.

Following the meeting, Ii was asked what she thought of Kelleher's accusations..

First Ward alderman Bill Littlebrant is now the only alderman with opposition.  He is opposed by Kacey Slusher.

In the mayoral race, Mayor Rich Robinson is opposed by Todd Latham and James McMaster.

The election is April 6.

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