Collage:  Matt Kellogg, Judy Gilmour, Larry and Pam Nelson

Kendall County Board members Matt Kellogg (top left photo) and Judy Gilmour (top right) voted against the Woody's Orchard expansion. Larry and Pam Nelson (bottom photo) own the orchard. ( photos by James Wyman)

Woody's Orchard at 15888 Frazier Rd. west of Plano will be able to expand its operation to the east side of Creek Road.

The Kendall County Board voted seven to two at Tuesday's regular meeting to approve the expansion.

Board members Judy Gilmour and Matt Kellogg voted "no."

The owners of Woody's Orchard, Larry and Pam Nelson, petitioned the county for a Special Use Permit for a banquet hall, nano brewery (produces less than 15,000 barrels of beer per year) and a micro distillery. The expansion will also include a year-round seasonal festival with a petting zoo.

The Nelsons own NelsonMultimedia, the parent company of WSPY-AM & FM and

The county board debated whether to take out a provision in the Special Use Permit that would not allow noise complaints from residents who do not live on already platted lots.

County board member Kellogg worried the potential noise that will come from the banquet hall.

Board member Gilmour was concerned about waste water, well and septic and the traffic study.

Gilmour also addressed the noise issue.

However, Kendall County Board member Scott Gengler praised the Nelsons for their long-time commitment to Plano and to Kendall County.

The Nelsons put WSPY on the air in 1974.

The Kendall County Board decided to leave in the noise provision for non-platted lots.

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