Eagle Scouts Honored

Dylan Middendorf (left) and Nathan Wille (right) were honored by the Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission at the May 4 meeting.  The Eagle Scouts did extensive work in two of the counties' forest preserves. (WSPYNews.com photos by James Wyman)

At the May 4, meeting, the Kendall County Forest Preserve Commission recognized two Eagle Scouts, Dylan Middendorf and Nathan Wille, for their volunteer work at two of the county's forest preserves.

Dylan and Nathan were presented certificates of recognition by forest preserve President Judy Gilmour.

Forest preserve Director David Guritz spoke about Dylan Middendorf's work.

Nathan Wille completed a project at the Pickerill-Pigott Forest Preserve east of Yorkville.

Here's Forest preserve director David Guritz on Nathan's work.

Guritz said the new shelter has a metal roof and should be able to stand the test of time.

President Gilmour and commissioner Scott Gryder thanked the Eagle Scouts for their volunteer work.

Pickerill-Pigot Forest Preserve is scheduled to open on June 4.

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