Laura Pawson

Laura Pawson resigned from her job as Kendall County Animal Control Director in April.  She had been in the position since December of 2015.  Pawson did not give the county a reason why she was stepping down, and she refused an exit interview.  ( photo by James Wyman)

Laura Pawson resigned her position of Animal Control Director in April so Kendall County is now looking for Pawson's replacement.

Animal Control Committee Chairperson Amy Cesich made the announcement at Tuesday night's regular Kendall County Board meeting.

Pawson had been animal control director since December of 2015. 

Prior to her appointment as director, Pawson served as the animal control officer and office manager for almost five years, and she also served as interim animal control director before she was hired for the top job.

Pawson was being paid $51,233 a year plus benefits.

Cesich said that the next director's salary may go up.

Animal Control Officer and Kennel Manager Kelly Prestegaard is currently doing Pawson's job on an interim basis.

County Administrator Scott Koeppel said Pawson did not agree to participate in an exit interview following her resignation.

The Kendall County Animal Control Agency has been a source of controversy over the past ten years. 

Last December, the Kendall County Board denied Pawson's appeal of her performance evaluation by Koeppel.

The county had three animal control directors before Pawson that occurred during an 18-month period in 2014 and 2015.

In 2011, the shelter sent a dog out for adoption that had bitten a six-year old boy and also euthanized a second dog that did nothing.

Cesich wants to put the county's Animal Control problems in the past.

County board members also discussed adding a third full-time employee to Animal Control and possibly raising the fees for rabies tags.

If approved, one-year tags would go from $10.00 to $12.00 for an altered dog or cat and from $25.00 to $27.00 for an intact dog or cat.

Three-year tags would go up $5.00, and replacement tags would remain at $5.00.

County board member Matt Kellogg said that he would support raising rabies tag fees if the new Animal Control Director has the flexibility to waive fees.

And Kellogg, who farms south of Oswego, said that despite tags, people still pick up his dog.

The county board will vote on increasing the rabies tag fees at the May 18 meeting.

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