Kendall Jail Tablets

Kendall County Jail inmates are now able to use tablets to search for jobs and to have access to information and some entertainment (Kendall County Sheriff's Office photo)

The Kendall County Sheriff's Office has started a new program that allows jail inmates to use tablets within the jail.

In a release, sheriff's office officials say the office, "wanted to provide productive activities for the inmates that would keep them focused on positive goals as opposed to having them not be engaged and feeling negative about being in jail."

Kendall County Sheriff Dwight Baird says that the tablets will allow inmates to search for jobs, and to provide access to mental health information, a phone, education, and a law library.

The tablets also provide content approved by the facility including entertainment options such as podcasts, music and games. They also provide opportunities for inmates to stay connected to their family, friends and the outside world as well as prepare for reentry into the community.

Additionally, officials say the tablets are issued to encourage good behavior and are considered a privilege for inmates.

The technology does not include or offer access to Internet, social media, a camera or video recordings.

The statement indicates the sheriff’s office commissary program is funding the technology via Securus Technologies. Sheriff's officials say the tablets are at no cost to taxpayers or inmates.

Sheriff Baird adds that he is hopeful that the tablet program will promote a decrease in violence and tension, less disruption, and will be a constructive activity that can help expedite reentry.