16 district and new map 101521.jpg

(Left) The current 16th Congressional District. (Right) The new map being proposed by Illinois Democrats. You can find a link below the story to further explore the new map. (Left image from Adam Kinzinger's Office; right image from the Illinois House Democrats). 

Sixteenth District Congressman Adam Kinzinger is looking over his options, including those outside of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The news comes as Illinois Democrats have released a draft of proposed congressional districts said to favor Democrats. Kinzinger, who resides Channahon, would now be in a district that includes Ottawa and LaSalle in LaSalle County and Chicago suburbs like Orland Park and Oak Lawn.

Kinzinger has said that wants to stay in Congress, but wouldn't rule out a run for statewide office. Kinzinger has faced backlash from local Republicans over his criticism, and calls for removal, of former President Donald Trump.

Kinzinger says it has been an honor serving the Sixteenth District for six terms. He thinks that the redistricting process has been anything but transparent and says that the people of Illinois deserve better.

Illinois is losing one Congressional seat due to population loss.

You can view the proposed Congressional District map by clicking here.