(Pictured left to right) Mayor-Elect Todd Latham and Alderman Bill Littlebrant.

Todd Latham is the unofficial winner of the race for Sandwich Mayor. He wins with 547 votes. In second place is Mayor Rich Robinson with 404 votes and in third place is James McMaster with 74 votes.

Latham says he has a plan to get his footing on what needs to be done in the city.

Latham says Sandwich has many infrastructure needs.

Latham ran for mayor and lost around fifteen years ago and served on the city council before that. He will take over as the city is figuring out how to pay for millions of dollars in required improvements to the sewer treatment plant and as the city is renovating a new police station. Mayor Rich Robinson will keep his seat as Ward One Alderman on the Sandwich City Council.

Incumbent Alderman Bill Littlebrant is the unofficial winner of the contested Ward One seat. He wins over Kacey Slusher with 205 votes.

In Sandwich Township, the top four vote winners to be seated include Mark Weismiller, Jeremy Moss, Jerry N. Davis, and Marlene Allen. Roy Wahlgren came in fifth and will not be seated as a Sandwich Township Trustee.

Mathew Weismiller is the winner of the race for Sandwich Fire District Trustee. He defeats Stacy Gruca with 637 votes.