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UPDATE: Joliet police say Jeremy Hylka has been admitted to an area hospital and that his attorney has said that Hylka will turn himself in upon his release. Police do no know when Hylka will be released.

Origional Story: The man now being sought by Joliet Police for alleged grooming and traveling to meet a child was a teacher and youth minister with the Joliet Catholic Diocese.

Joliet police are searching for Jeremy Hylka who is reportedly caught in an online video engaging in inappropriate communication with a minor. Police confirmed during a Friday press conference that Hylka had not been arrested.

Police say the video was shot by a cooperating witness who posed as a fifteen-year-old boy online to setup Hylka. The video shows someone thought to be Hylka arriving at a Joliet restaurant allegedly for sex with the fake 15-year-old. The 19-year-old witness is part of group that says it tries to expose child abusers. Joliet Police Detective Sean Filipaik said the witness felt obligated to expose Hylka.

Hylka was formerly a teacher at Joliet Catholic Academy and St. Joseph Catholic School in Lockport and was employed at St. Paul the Apostle Church and the Cathedral St. Raymond Nonnatus as a youth minister according to the Diocese of Joliet.

The Catholic Diocese of Joliet said in a statement Thursday that Hylka has been fired. Last year, Hylka had resigned from a position at Joliet Catholic Academy after being placed on leave after allegations were made against him according to a statement from school. The school did say just what the allegations were.

The Diocese of Joliet confirmed that Hylka had been hired in the fall last year to work as a junior high science and religion teacher. Hylka had been a youth minister with diocese since 1997.

Joliet Police say there could be victims of abuse at the hands of Hylka and encourage them to come forward.

Editor's note: This story has been updated with information given by Joliet police during a Friday afternoon press conference.