Will County photo.

A Manhattan man is facing charges of arson and criminal damage to property. The Will County Sheriff's Office is accusing 35-year-old Anthony Dvorak of setting a pole barn on fire back in November in the 11000 block of Pauling Road near Manhattan. Dvorak turned himself in to police last week after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He posted bond to be released.

Police say they were called to the 9500 block of Pauling Road on November 8 for a report of a pickup truck that had crashed into a utility pole. Dvorak was found in a nearby field. He had severe burns on both of his feet among other injures. He was taken an area hospital and was charged with driving under the influence and some other driving violations.

Deputies found no evidence of fire around around the crash site, but did find a torch and handheld lighter in the pickup truck.

That same night area firefighters had responded to a report of pole barn fire nearby. Through social media, the couple who owns the pole barn had told police that they recognized the pickup truck involved in the crash as belonging to Dvorak and recently had a falling out with him.

Fire investigators and a special K9 named Phantom found a flammable substance like gasoline nearby a door of the pole barn. Police also took charred fabric and other debris as evidence. Damage to the pole is estimated at $300,000.