Trash bins.jpg photo by Mark Harrington.

With as many as five different garbage haulers, the Millington Village Board is looking to abandon the current process.

Millington Village Board Trustee Bev Casey is spearheading the move to one hauler. 

In November, the village board will have a decision: to go with the sole bidder or send out another request for proposal to see if more bidders will respond, possibly with changes in the RFP.  

Millington has approximately 250 customers receiving solid waste services. Customers currently independently contract with haulers. As a result, waste haulers commonly visit the village on a daily basis. 

After selecting one contractor, the new vendor may be issued a five-year contract at prices after negotiations. 

This is Casey again. 

The proposal will be for single-family homes and two town home developments for solid waste collection and disposal services, recycling services, and landscape waste collection, The vendor will provide, distribute and maintain all collection carts at its sole cost.

Once per week, there would be unlimited curbside collection with a vendor-supplied  of three different choices, 96, 65, or 35 gallon, two-wheeled lidded cart. Other solid waste that cannot be placed into the cart could be set out in bags, bundles, containers or boxes weighing up to 50 pounds.

For bulk items, the collection without limitation includes furniture, but not construction debris except homeowner remodeling projects. Recyclables would be on the same day as solid waste service.  Collection and recycling of white goods and e-waste would be accepted at no additional charge to residents. The Village does not currently contract for solid waste services on behalf of its residents. 

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