Snow Plow Trucks

(Village of Montgomery photo) 

Pick any of the upcoming months, the village of Montgomery says it is ready for the first weather event of snow and ice. 

Mark Wolf, Public Works Director for Montgomery, presented the plan to village board trustees Monday night. 

First, he uses Weather Sentry DTTN for forecasts and updates, then orders inspection of  snow-ice removal equipment, preloads salt, and schedules crews before the weather arrives. Wolf talked about the two trucks, equipped with wing plows along the side.

Plow lengths range from 9 to 12 feet. In addition, Montgomery uses tailgate salt spreaders, a pre-wet system, and anti-icing tankers. Less salt is being used. 

Wolf answered Montgomery Village President Matt Brolley’s question.

Montgomery has 162 lane miles of roadway to manage and 14 village-owned sites.