John Cornish.png

John Cornish. (Oswego Fire Protection District Photo).

The person taking over as Fire Chief of the Oswego Fire Protection District says he'll focus on communication. Assistant Chief John Cornish was appointed by the fire district board of trustees last week. He'll be sworn-in as fire chief later this month.

Cornish is replacing Mike Vesseling, who was not rehired after his contract with the district recently expired.

One challenge Cornish will face as chief is a need for increased funding for the district. A referendum asking district tax payers for an increase in funding was rejected in April. Cornish says the the plan is to return to taxpayers again with a referendum next year. He says the increased funding is necessary because the fire protection district has grown over the years.

Cornish says he'd like to keep the fire protection district on a positive path.

Becoming a firefighter has been a dream of Cornish's his since childhood.

Cornish has been with the Oswego Fire Protection District since 2002. He was promoted to assistant chief in 2016. Deputy Chief Josh Flanders has been serving as interim fire chief.