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The person taking over as superintendent of the Serena School District wants to make it one of the premier school districts in LaSalle County. Lisa Gifford is coming from thirteen years of experience in education. She is currently an administrator with the Peoria Public School District where she is in charge of curriculum for literature, social studies, and fine arts in grades K-12.

Gifford says she's had good interactions with the various parties within the district.

Gifford anticipates that the pandemic will continue to be a challenge.

Gifford says the district is well positioned to add new academic programs to benefit students.

Gifford says her main motivation to get into education has been a desire to impact children and help them develop their own skills. She says she's looking forward to being in a smaller school district where she can visit all the buildings on a regular basis.

Gifford has master degrees in teaching and school administration and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in education from Western Illinois University. Gifford will start at the district for the 2021-2022 school year.