The Newark Village Board has finalized plans for the 2023 Street Resurfacing Program proposal and bids.

The streets included are Fayette, from Front to Taylor, all of Shirley Court, a half block of Taylor near Johnson, Front from Fayette to Johnson. The low bid was accepted from Universal Asphalt of LaSalle. The base bid was $131444.02 and will come from Motor Fuel Tax Funds. With the addition of the ½ block of Taylor and the section of Front from Fayette to Johnson, $40,000 will come from the General Funds.

In other business, the Board has decided to end negotiations with Progressive Business Solutions about placing solar panels on municipal buildings.

The Spring Planter Program is moving forward. Actual placement and planting will begin soon.

Newark Village Board meets again June 14.

You can listen to Marilynn Thompson's radio story by clicking below: