Ruse burg suspect vehicle.jpg

North Aurora Police photo of a vehicle used in a suspected burglary over the weekend.

Police in North Aurora are investigating three so-called ruse burglaries where the suspects enter a victim's home and cause distractions while they steal valuables or cash.

The first happened last Wednesday in the 2400 block of S. River Road. A woman, who was described as white, told an 86-year-old victim that she was from the electric company and that she needed to check lines after Tuesday's storm. The victim was led to the basement where the suspect turned on a faucet. An accomplice then entered the home and rifled through some filing cabinets. Nothing was stolen. The suspects were said to be driving an older red pickup truck.

A second incident happened Saturday in the 0-100 block of Juniper Drive. Two men, described by police as Hispanic, told the 83-year-old homeowner that they were buying a house in the area and wanted information. While inside they are alleged to have stolen some jewelry and collectable coins. The suspects were driving a white, late model Ford Escape with black trim around the tires and the rear bumper.

The next one happened Sunday in the 500 block of River Road. Two suspects, described as either white or Hispanic by police, told the elderly homeowners that they were putting up a fence and need to be shown the property lines outside. The victims discovered about $25,000 in jewelry missing, including a wedding ring. Police don't have a description of the suspect's vehicle.

Anyone with information on the three incidents is asked to contact North Aurora Police.