Newark Fire Department. (WSPY News.com photo)

The Newark Fire Protection District is hosting an open house to promote fire safety on Saturday from three to seven at 101 N. Main Street in Newark. Fire Board Trustee David Earl says there will be demonstrations and free food.

Earl says it's important for the community to know what and why the fire department does what it does.

The event is part of Fire Prevention Week which wraps up on Saturday. Earl says having a working smoke detector is the most important safety step.

A single chirp sound from a smoke alarm means that it's time for a new battery. If chirping continues after the battery is changed, it's time to replace the smoke alarm. All smoke alarms should be replaced after ten years.

A continuous set of three loud beeps mean smoke or fire and that everyone inside should evacuate. Having working carbon monoxide detectors on every floor in the home is also important.