Oswego Fire Truck

(Oswego Fire Protection District photo)

The Oswego Fire Protection District is asking residents to approve a tax increase to help the district keep up with a growing population in the area. Fire Chief Michael Veseling says residents would see the increase on their property tax bills. Voters will have a chance accept or reject the tax increase at the April 6th Consolidated Election.

The increas amounts to a .10-percent increase according to Veseling.

Veseling says the number of calls a year have doubled over the last eighteen years since the district's last tax referendum. The fire department has grown from 17 firefighters and paramedics to 75 along with the addition of two fire stations for a total of four.

Vesling says ambulance availability is becoming an issue.

Veseling thinks if the tax is not approved, its going to be hard to keep up with expected increases in calls.

Veseling also says the cost of fire equipment and vehicles are increasing.

Veseling expects the tax, if approved, to generate an additional $1.6-million for the fire protection district. He says the increase in taxes for a home worth around $225,000 should be under $75.

The Oswego Fire Protection District covers Oswego, Boulder Hill, and portions of Montgomery, Plainfield, and Yorkville.