Oswego Village Hall 099120

Oswego Village Hall (WSPYnews.com photo by Mark Harrington).

The Oswego Plan Commission will hear a concept plan proposal Thursday for 148 “built-to-rent” detached housing units at the southeast corner of the intersection of Wolf’s Crossing and Douglas Road. The 23 acre vacant property is in unincorporated Kendall County.

Some houses would be duplex or triplex. There are also 22 four-bedroom and 65 three-bedroom options.

The Village of Oswego Comprehensive Plan identifies the future use of this property as medium density residential. Village staff are calling the single-family as a high density rental product unique to the village, offering a new housing type that would meet existing and future demand.

In the proposal streets would be privately owned, however nine feet less in width than required by the village. The main access would be on Douglas Road with right-in, right-out Wolf Crossing Road access.

According to village staff, the site plan presents some design challenges, mainly regarding building separations, sidewalks, and required parking. The staff is recommending the project with some stipulations.

Elsewhere, another project on the northwest side of Oswego is up for plan commission approval with some changes following a previous public hearing. The 25 acre, Redwood Development, is seeking a rezoning from single family residence district to R-4 FOR 143 single-story apartments, located at the southeast intersection of Orchard Road and Mill Road.