Wine Fest 2 050221.jpg

Oswego's Wine on the Fox ( photo by Mark Harrington).

How did the village of Oswego pull off its annual Wine on the Fox festival this past weekend despite the ongoing pandemic?

Is it a returning sign for other area festivals that the Fox Valley area has come to expect for this summer? Could other festivals, fairs, or events use Oswego’s guidelines?

First, the village event organizers had white spray-painted circled pods on the grass six, feet apart, where wine connoisseurs could sit in groups of four to six people without masks, unless they left the pod for food, exhibits, bathrooms, or more wine.

A limited number of advance sale tickets were sold to purposely keep the amount of participants low. Online ticket sales had a 25-day run ending Friday.

Saturday had two different four-hour seatings each day. Three settings over the two days had a maximum total number of people allowed

About 2,000 people attended the annual event. Children were not permitted, only those aged 21 and over.

Out of health and safety considerations to keep lines short and crowds gathering, only one-ounce sampling pours of wine were permitted by vendors. All vendors were spaced more than six feet apart. No cash could be used, only credit cards to prevent the spreading of germs.