Troy Parlier

Oswego Village President Troy Parlier (WSPY photo)

Up and down the Fox Valley, elections for various local government entities will take place next week.

In the village of Oswego, however, unlike other areas, the village president Troy Parlier has endorsed candidates, who if they win will complete a two-year sweep of the Oswego Village Board trustees, all six who have been supported by him.  Parlier is asking Oswego residents to vote for Tom Guist, Jennifer Jones Sinnott, and Kip Khurt. 

Parlier was asked if this is a proper role of the top leader for local government. 

During the two years of his position, Parlier has had tense moments with current Oswego Village Board trustees Louis Perez and Pam Parr on topics ranging from hiring a new city attorney by Perez to village president emergency pandemic powers to spending and constructing an entertainment venue to tax reductions by Parr. Both are running in the vote contest against the Parlier slate. 

But Parlier was asked what this says about Parr and Perez and is there animosity between Parlier with his slate’s challengers to incumbents Perez and Parr.

When asked if the village president should give a fair and equal chance to each candidate in relation to his endorsements Parlier had this response.

Voters in Oswego go to the polls on Tuesday.

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