Plano City Hall New Feb 2021.jpg

Plano City Hall. ( photo by Mark Harrington)

Several Plano residents and an alderman spoke against a mask requirement at Plano City Hall at Monday's city council meeting. Signs on doors at Plano City Hall say that masks are required for people to enter the building. The rule follows an executive order from Governor J.B. Pritzker requiring masks at indoor public spaces.

Alderman Ben Eaton spoke to Mayor Mike Rennels during the public comment section of the meeting as resident of Plano.

Other community members claimed that requiring masks is unconstitutional and questioned the effectiveness of masks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the wearing of masks prevents respiratory droplets that could carry the virus from escaping and spreading the virus. The CDC also says that masks do not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air you breath as the CO2 molecules escape when you breath or talk.

Plano Mayor Mike Rennels says he's not aware of possible legal repercussions for not enforcing the governor's mandate, but says that Plano City Hall is clearly covered by the authority of the mask order from the governor.

Alderman Barb Nadeau says she'll keep wearing a mask for the sake of others in the room.

Mayor Rennels asked anyone attending the city council meeting who medically couldn't tolerate a mask to socially distance themselves. During the public comment section of the meeting a few people said they would continue to refuse wearing masks while at city hall.