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(Top row left to right) Aldermen Ben Eaton and Scott Milliner spoke about rezoning a commercial property to allow apartments on Route 34 Monday. (WSPYnews.com photo).

After a few months of discussion, the Plano City Council on Monday voted five to three to approve a zoning change that would allow apartments in a building at 819 W. Route 34. Previously, the second floor of the building was zoned for residential. The first floor was zoned commercial.

The owner, Kevin Staton, had begun to renovate the property to house apartments without getting approval from the city. He had also tried unsuccessfully to change the zoning a few years ago.

Alderman Ben Eaton voted in favor of the zoning change.

Voting against the zoning change was Alderman Scott Mulliner. Mulliner says that commercial space on Route 34 is limited. He also says that the city council should stick to enforcing its zoning.

Staton was happy with the vote.

He acknowledged in a WSPY interview last month that he might have to pay some fines for getting started on the work without the city's permission. Staton says prior to remodeling the first floor of the building for apartments, he tried unsuccessfully to find businesses to fill the space. He also says that people don't want to rent apartments above retail establishments.

Several community members spoke during the public comment section of Monday's meeting in favor of the rezoning for Mr. Staton. Aldermen voting in favor included Ben Eaton, Mark Swoboda, Stephen DeBolt, Tom Johns, and Barb Nadeau. Voting against were Aldermen Scott Mulliner, Jamal Williams, and John Fawver.