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Plano Alderman Ben Eaton. ( file photo by Mark Harrington).

The Plano City Council is set to hear about a water rate study that will suggest an increase in order for the city to keep up on the cost of maintenance of the water system.

Streets and Utilities Committee Chairman Ben Eaton says without a rate increase, the city's infrastructure will be underfunded.

Plano resident Keith Riddle says that he's heard from other residents and that they are not in favor of a rate hike.

Eaton anticipates having to hike the rate somewhere in the five-percent range for the next few years and then says it can be reevaluated. Eaton says the city has kept the rate stable while neighboring communities have increased it. Currently, city officials say senior citizens would not have the proposed rate increase.

Plano is not in a situation like many communities to the east that are having to find a new source of water.

The topic was discussed during the Plano City Council Committee of the Whole meeting Monday. The board is scheduled to hear about proposed rate increases at the June 28th Committee of the whole meeting.