(City of Portland, Oregon photo)

The Plano City Council on Monday approved funding to build a fence for a dog park at Foli Park. The approval paves the way for local veterinarian Lauri Safford to begin raising funds to reimburse the city for the effort.

Safford spoke to the city council on Monday. She wants to raise the money for the park in memory of her son.

Safford has been waiting to begin fundraising on the city council approving the funds for the project. Mayor Mike Rennels felt the city ought to commit in the event that the fundraising falls short. The city did budget for the installation of the fence for the dog park.

Rennels says he's thankful of Safford's efforts and believes that she'll have no problem raising the money.

Rennels says there is also money budgeted for a parking lot at the dog park.

Safford says she'd like to see more than just a fenced in area.

Safford says it's good for dogs to get out and exercise and good for their people too.

The low bid for the fence construction approved by the council is around $21,000.

Safford plans to use the platform GoFundMe for the dog park. WSPY news will provide a link to the page when it's available.