Plano City Hall New Feb 2021.jpg

Plano City Hall. ( photo by Mark Harrington)

The Plano Economic Development Corporation has dissolved. The organization had recently asked for an increase in funding from the City of Plano, which was approved by the city council last month.

Alderman John Fawver, who sits on the community development committee of the Plano City Council, says the organization decided it could not meet the needs of the city council.

The organization was formed to help bring business and development to Plano. Fawver has said there has been communication issues between the corporation and the Plano City Council in the past. His intention was to resolve those issues and to keep the organization around. Fawver says he believed it still had value.

Despite the corporation's disbanding, Fawver says the city will continue to encourage economic development.

Fawver says he would have liked to have had things turn out differently.

The Plano city council had also discussed allowing the corporation to use some office space in city hall to help save on costs.

The corporation's web site appears to no longer be accessible. A call from WSPY news to the corporation for further comment was not returned.