(Images From the Offices of State Senator Sue Rezin and State Representative David Welter)

Bills being proposed in the Illinois House and Senate would seek to find more answers about the COVID-19 outbreak at the LaSalle Veterans Home that killed 36 residents and sickened many more.

Republican State Senator Sue Rezin is proposing a few bills that would codify disease outbreak response and give investigators more power in compelling witnesses to be interviewed during investigations.

Republican State Representative David Welter says while the recently released inspector general's office report found many deficiencies at the home, it mostly ignored Governor's J.B. Pritzker's involvement.

Both lawmakers said during a press conference Monday outside the LaSalle Veterans Home that their bills had been stalled in the legislature. Rezin says that time is running out in the spring legislative session. Rezin and Welter represent Plano and other portions of Kendall County.