Gary Rabine.jpg

Campaign photo.

Another Republican vying to become the next Governor of Illinois says he wants to make the state more business friendly. Gary Rabine is a businessman who got his start in paving.

Rabine also says taxes continue to be an issue in Illinois. He wants to reduce property taxes and says that other state revenue streams can help pay for local government and schools.

Rabine thinks that Governor J.B. Pritzker went about responding to the COVID-19 pandemic wrong. He says there are other states with Democratic governors who handled the pandemic better than Illinois.

Rabine also is against a the sweeping police reform legislation passed along party lines recently. He called it one of the worst bills signed in history and says it prevents police from doing their jobs.

Rabine joins former State Senator Paul Schimpf and State Senator Darren Bailey in the Republican field in the race for Illinois Governor.