Kendall Gun Meeting 2 11 19

( photos by Tyler Bachman)

An item regarding the regulation or prohibition of discharging of firearms in Kendall County did not make it out of a Kendall County Board committee on Monday afternoon.

The Kendall County Law, Justice and Legislation Committee discussed the item. Under a new law, counties, by ordinance approval, can regulate or prohibit firearm use in unincorporated areas where residents or passerby's could be subject to injury. The statute cites the area within 300 yards of at least three single or multi-family residential structures.

Fifteen residents spoke to the committee. Committee documents included a failed McHenry County ordinance as a starting point. Residents Priscilla and Ed Gruber of Old Ridge Rd., who were in favor of an ordinance adoption, also cited a Lake County ordinance that passed.

Here was Ed Gruber.

Several sport and recreational shooters, as well as hunters attended the meeting. Many said they chose their property to be able to use firearms, outside of municipal boundaries.  

Questions of neighbor issues versus whether the noise played a bigger factor than safety was also brought forth. Game Warden for Kendall County Bill Berglund said an ordinance would exempt hunting. He also spoke from a personal level as a Kendall County resident.

Committee member Matt Prochaska was among the votes to postpone.

Judy Gilmour and Chair Tony Giles also voted to postpone and member Robyn Vickers voted in favor of moving the measure to the county board. Audra Hendrix was not present for the vote. With the postponement, the measure cannot go back before the committee for two years.