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rezin facebook photo 

State Senator Sue Rezin says she's concerned over new rules adopted by the Illinois State Board of Education recently. The new culturally responsive teaching standards are meant to help teachers better connect with students and create more inclusion in the classroom.

Rezin doesn't think the rules do that.

Rezin says Republicans and conservatives did not have a say in creating the new standards.

Rezin is worried that adhering to the new standards is just another thing teachers have to worry about in what is already a challenging environment.

While the rules have been upheld by the Illinois Legislature's Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and are now in effect, Rezin hopes in the future more Republicans and conservatives will have a seat at the table in setting education standards.

Proponents of culturally responsive teaching say that it helps teachers be more effective in reaching students and helps student to feel more empowered to learn.

Rezin represents Plano and other portions of Kendall County.