State Senator Sue Rezin of Morris is among those concerned with a wide-sweeping police reform bill passed by the Illinois General Assembly during its recent lame duck session.

Rezin has an issue with changes to how people accused of crimes are held.

Rezin says she's heard from police about financial problems that could be caused by the bill package.

Rezin also says the bill could negatively impact police while they are trying to detain someone.

Rezin thinks the penalties for not complying with the full bill are also too severe.

Rezin additionally took issue with how the Illinois General Assembly went about passing the legislation which happened during the overnight hours. She said that her staff was given very little time to read the over 700 page bill before it was up for a vote.

Other local law enforcement officials have also spoken out against the bill including Kendall County Sheriff Dwight Baird, Kendall County State's Attorney Eric Weis, and Montgomery Chief of Police Phil Smith.

Supporters of the bill says that it will make policing fairer and will help prevent police brutality.