Happy New Year


Chances are those New Year’s resolutions are broken after two weeks. But these people made them, yet not forged in stone, two weeks ago. 

Paul Borneman of Yorkville will not see this on his plate. 

His wife Mary knows him all too well.

Youngsters Emerson, Colin, and Andrew have written down their resolutions. 

Also you have to love the banter between this mother and son. 

In Newark, the Pottingers, Sarah and Diane have made their plans, while Steve Kenyon of Bristol and others have similar hopes. 

But there are other positive resolutions that maybe we all need to consider, like Joanie of Waterman and Paul Mulligan of Yorkville. 

Jack and Sarah Mulligan of Yorkville shared their resolutions.

Now, Alex Mulligan of Yorkville has a long distance goal.

Already Kris Keef of Montgomery is excelling at a 2022 hope for all of us.

In Sandwich, these two women had a fun tug-of-war over their resolution’s wording. 

For me, my resolution is to never interview Mabel of Earlville.

I can take the hint.

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