George F. Pearce, Owner of the Sandwich Airport

George F. Pearce sits at his desk at the Sandwich Airport.  Pearce is selling the airport.  The listing price is $1.795 million.  (Photo provided by Sandy True of Caton Commercial Real Estate Group)

The historic Sandwich Airport on Route 34 on the west side of Sandwich is up for sale.

Owner George F. Pearce is listing the 72 year-old airport with Caton Commercial Real Estate Group of Naperville.  The listing price is $1.795 million.

The airport was built in in 1947 by Sandwich native Roger Vincent, who was a pilot in World War II.

Pearce's father, George W. Pearce bought the airport in 1978 from Frank Ament who had owned the Sandwich Airport since 1953.  George W. Pearce died September 14, 2014.

George F. Pearce spoke about why he is selling the Sandwich Airport.

In the 1980's, the Sandwich Airport hosted Sky Dive Sandwich, a skydiving school that attracted hundreds of skydivers.

Sky Dive Sandwich owner Roger Nelson was convicted in 1987 for tax evasion. Nelson was running a drug smuggling operation through the Sandwich Airport.

Nelson died in 2003 in a skydiving accident in Ottawa. 

The Sandwich Airport also provided flight training, airplane sales, crop dusting, and featured a small restaurant.

In 1995, Sandwich Airport switched from a commercial airport to a private airport.

Pearce explained.

Woodlake Landing subdivision is near the Sandwich Airport.

And George F. Pearce was asked who would be a likely buyer of the Sandwich Airport.

George F. Pearce has built at least five ultra-light planes and two Challenger planes, which are a two-person version of the ultra-light.

Sandy True is listing the Sandwich Airport For Caton Commercial Real Estate.