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A 62 year-old Sandwich man was found dead on Thursday in a swimming pool in the 0 to 100 block of Edgebrook Drive in Sandwich.

According to Sandwich Asst. Fire Chief Nathan King, Alan Taylor, who lived at the Edgebrook Dr. address, was found on top of the swimming pool cover.

According to King, there is no reason to believe foul play was involved.

King says there was water on top of the swimming pool cover and that the pool had not yet been opened for summer use.

According to King, an open bottle of chlorine was found beside the pool.

King says Alan Taylor's mother last saw her son at 8:30 Thursday morning.  She called 911 when he didn't return to the house.

DeKalb County Coroner Dennis Miller pronounced Taylor dead at the scene on Edgebrook Drive.  Miller said Friday afternoon that the cause of Taylor's death was possibly drowning. 

Miller said that further toxicology tests need to be processed.

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