Oswego East High School

(WSPYnews.com photo by Mark Harrington)

Four seats are open on the Oswego School District 308 Board of Education. Seven candidates are seeking the office for the state’s seventh largest school district that has been beset with financial struggles and budget cuts over five years.

There are several dynamics in the election, ranging from candidates with teaching experience, college degrees, and ethnic backgrounds.  Only one male candidate is on the ballot, which means the district board could be all female led. 

Recently, the Oswego Education Association held their school board candidate forum by recording individual videos.  You can view the videos on the front page of the Oswego School District 308 website. Here are parts of that OEA video forum.

First up is Keisha Earl.

Next up is Eugene L. Gatewood.

This Katie Heiden.

Here is Jennifer Johnson.

Donna Marino is up.

LaTonya Simelton is the following candidate.

Eulalia Valdez is a candidate.

The election for the Oswego 308 School Board, the highest taxing body among property owners in Oswego, is Tuesday.

You can listen to Mark Harrington's radio story below: