Kurt Hohenberger Somonauk School Board

As the Tuesday April 4 election approaches, WSPY reached out to local school board candidates for their perspectives on key issues and why they believe they are the best choice for voters. In a series of interviews, candidates shared their visions and priorities for the future of education in the community. Here's what they had to say.

My Name:

Kurt Hohenberger

School District:

Somonauk School Board

Describe yourself and why you are running for the board of education.

I’m a junior Bobcat Dad, a husband of a teacher, and a local farmer. I graduated from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and earned an engineering degree and economics minor from Purdue University. I believe that my professional background and personal experiences have me uniquely qualified for this board and I will be able to bring perspective from multiple viewpoints to the table. I am a member and volunteer at Harvest Chapel and I currently serve on the client advisory board for Compeer Financial.

What is the top issue facing the district and how would you address it?

Almost every business or school right now is looking for help. As one of the largest employers in town, our school district should strive to be a career destination not only for teachers but for support staff, classroom aids, cafeteria and maintenance. The tough task ahead is to create an atmosphere that is rewarding and enjoyable to work in while stewarding the district’s finances.

Are you in favor of banning books from school libraries that you may personally disagree with? Why or why not?

I am in favor of age appropriate books and content for our students to explore.

What can school districts to do to reduce the burden on taxpayers?

A way to reduce the burden on taxpayers is to further explore the idea of consolidation. Efficiencies could be gained if we pool our resources with another district.

What should be done to improve school safety?

A big part of my daughter’s day is spent riding the school bus. School bus drivers have a seemingly impossible task of managing behavior and making students feel comfortable while driving safely down the road. As a district, we have to do more to attract, hire, and retain reliable staff to tackle this job.

Is there anything else that voters should know about you?

Somonauk has great schools to be proud of. My goal is to ensure that the unit is an outstanding place to receive an education, an excellent place to work, and a responsible steward of the district's financial resources. My goal is to serve on the board energetically and humbly while representing my fellow Bobcats.