Parkview Christian Academy

Parkview Christian Academy (Parkview Christian Academy photo) 

A November court date has been set in the case of Parkview Christian Academy in Yorkville and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

Attorneys for both parties were in Kendall County Court Thursday for a status update. Parkview is suing over whether ISBE wrongly revoked its state recognition. Last week, a judge issued a temporary order restoring Parkview's state recognition while the case continues in court.

Samantha Grund-Wickramasekera, who is representing ISBE through the Illinois Attorney General's Office, asked for the case to be pushed back thirty days.

While Parkview was granted a temporary restraining order, or TRO, to regain its state recognition, the goal of the case is to make it permanent. Attorney for Parkview Carlo Colosimo says the temporary order was to remedy immediate harm to Parkview.

A date has not yet been set for a ruling on a permanent resolution. Colosimo says he's not sure how long the case will take, but that he doesn't expect his arguments to change much from what was said last week during the hearing for the temporary restraining order.

Judge Stephen Krentz agreed to move the case to November 10 at eleven for a status update.

In the meantime, Parkview will continue to be recognized by the state.

After arguments from both sides last week, Krentz ruled that ISBE did not have the same due process in place for nonpublic schools having their state recognition revoked as it does for public schools.

ISBE, in an email in August, revoked Parkview's recognition over the school's decision not to enforce a school mask mandate. There was no probation period which public schools are entitled to before their recognition is revoked.

Parkview has maintained that the case all about ISBE's process of revoking its state recognition. ISBE has argued that it has the authority to revoke a school's recognition due to energy powers granted by the governor because of the ongoing pandemic.