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Aurora police officers arrived to help a fellow officer that had been pinned to the ground and strangled after a traffic stop for a minor infraction went bad in June. Three people accused of attacking the officer are now charged with attempted murder. (Aurora Police Department footage).

The three people accused of attacking an Aurora police officer on June 21 are now facing attempted murder charges. Previously 26-year-old Sheba Taylor, of Chicago, 28-year-old Paul Sherrod Taylor, of DeKalb, and 24-year-old Jennifer Taylor, of Chicago, were charged with aggravated battery and resisting arrest.

A Kane County Grand Jury approved the attempted murder charges last week. Police allege the three attacked an officer during a traffic stop for a minor infraction that went bad. The Aurora Police Department released video of the incident which happened in the area of the 600 block of Elmwood Drive on the city's west side.

While trying to arrest one of the women, both are accused kicking and punching the officer. Police say Sheba Taylor strangled the officer to point that he couldn't breathe. The fight was broken up when more officers arrived to help. Paul Sherrod Taylor is also accused of threatening to kill the officer during a call to 911.

Kane County State's Attorney Jamie Mosser says strangulation is serious.

Aurora Chief of Police Kristen Ziman says that she wants to send a message that attacking a police officer will lead to serious consequences.

The three defendants are free on bond from the earlier charges and are due back in court in September to be arraigned on the attempted murder charges.