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(Pictured top) Brent Lightfoot and Heather Moyer. (Pictured bottom) Matt Bauman and Toni Morgan. (Oswego 308 photos).

In Oswego, there are 28 years among Oswego School District 308 Board of Education members Brent Lightfoot, Heather Moyer, Toni Morgan, and Mike Bauman.  They will hand over their duties at the first May meeting following their decisions not to run for another term this April. 

Lightfoot, who has the most years at 10, spoke this week’s board meeting.

Heather Moyer offered this advice to new board members.

Matt Bauman, who was elected to two four-year terms, was next.

Yorkville School District 115 teacher Toni Morgan, who lives in Oswego, chose her speaking time to honor two parents Dallas and Tammy Colburn and their only child, 20-year-old son Dallas of Plano, who died recently in an auto crash by Judson University in Elgin.

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