LaSalle County Sheriff's deputies arrested Leroy Persinger on Monday following a traffic stop and pursuit near Streator.

According to the sheriff's office, at 1:00 a.m. on Monday a LaSalle County deputy stopped Persinger's vehicle going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone at 1623 N 17th Rd.

Persinger was wanted on a warrant for Burglary, Attempted Theft and Criminal Damage to Property.

Following the traffic stop, Persinger allegedly resisted arrest and fought with the deputy.  Both went to the ground.

There was a female subject inside the vehicle, and according to the LaSalle County Sheriff's deputy, Persinger repeatedly told the woman to get the deputy.

The female approached the deputy and reached her hand into her waist band.

Persinger was able to push away from the deputy, and he and the female fled into a nearby cornfield.

Radio reports informed the deputy that the vehicle Leroy Persinger was driving had been stolen from Streator, and the plates on the car were stolen from Ottawa.

Several hours later a LaSalle County deputy discovered a truck belonging to a business, Designs and Signs, pulling out of the business's building.  Perginger and the female had broken into the Designs and Signs building.

The deputy followed the truck to another road and stopped the vehicle.  Persinger and the female jumped out of the truck and ran into a second cornfield.

State Police aircraft as well as additional deputies, police officers, state troopers and canine units converged on the scene.

Persinger was finally picked up back near the original traffic stop on N. 17th Rd.  The female was picked up a short time later.

Persinger is up for a bond call on Tuesday.  The woman has not been named or charged by the LaSalle County Sheriff's Office.