Parlier with Luckinbill sign 100521.jpg photo by Mark Harrington.

Herschel Luckinbill’s middle initial was an L. It should have been the letter C. That’s C as in community and country.

Memories of Luckinbill include as president of the Fox Valley Veterans Breakfast Club and chairman of the Vietnam Moving Wall committee, bringing the memorial to Aurora in 2013 and Oswego in 2017.

In the Oswego community, he was president of the Oswego Jaycees at one time, and coached Pony League Baseball and Oswego Youth Tackle Football.

At Tuesday’s Oswego Village Board meeting, the decision was unanimous.  Now at the intersection of Wooley and Plainfield roads, there will be a brown honorary street sign naming the street...

Oswego Village President Troy Parlier told trustees why.


The honorary sign is the first approved by the village, while Fox Bend Golf Pro Leon McNair and Oswego 308 teacher and high school principal Daryl Thompson were approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation on state routes 34 and 71 respectively. Parlier said the village plans other honorary street signs for other Oswegoans.

Luckinbill was 75 when he passed away in July. Parlier said Luckinbill always had an appointment with him. 

Then there was the national stage, where Luckinbill was a guardian on 25 different Honor Flights, helping to take veterans to Washington, D.C. war memorial salutes.

During the Vietnam War, Luckinbill served on the USS O’Brien.

When the 1990 Plainfield tornado just missed but damaged Cedar Glen Subdivision, where he resided, there was Herschel on Ashlawn Avenue, immediately re-directing traffic because of downed power lines and trees.  He refused to let his neighbor a few doors down proceed. 

That was Herschel Luckinbill.

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