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Waubonsee Community College's Sugar Grove Campus. (Waubonsee Community College Image).

Waubonsee Community College is launching a new apprenticeship program for industrial maintenance. The program was recently approved by the Department of Labor.

Dean for Business, Technology, and Workforce Education Ne'Keisha Stepney says students in the program will attend Waubonsee classes and get on-the-job training.

Stepney says industrial maintenance workers can work for a number of different companies.

According to Stepney, the need for people working in industrial maintenance is growing, especially in the local area.

Stepney says there is a labor gap in industrial maintenance, just like in many other trades.

The average salary of someone experienced working in industrial maintenance is around $80,000 a year.

Stepney says the next step for the program is getting more companies lined up who can provide the apprenticeships. The program is set to launch in the summer.

Anyone interested in the program should call 630-466-2430.

Waubonsee is seeking Department of Labor certification on additional apprenticeship programs as well.