Mirage Tinder.JPG

Kane County photo.

The Kane County Sheriff's Office arrested 34-year-old Mirage Tinder, of North Aurora, on Monday from the 200 block of Linn Court. She's charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of ammunition by a felon, and possession of cannabis.

Police alleged that Tinder, who is assigned to electronic monitoring for a separate case, had posted photos on social media of herself holding a handgun and a large amount of cannabis. Police searched Tinder's home and say they found a loaded handgun and around 51 grams of illegally acquired cannabis.

Sheriff Ron Hain says as Illinois moves towards a cashless bail system, electronic monitoring will be key to ensure public safety. Hain says the new charges against Tinder are an example of how law enforcement can respond to someone who may pose a threat and bring them back in front of a judge.